Why did we drive 1400 mi. to get a puppy from We’ll C Mini Aussies ….. twice?


Mini Aussie puppies for sale.  We'll C Mini Aussies has made many families happy with our Mini Aussie puppies.


In 2009, we said our heartbreaking Good Byes to our 15 years old Mini Aussie Tessy and didn’t think we could handle another separation ever again. She played such a special role in the family and was so loved.

Well, 2 years later, feeling lopsided we started looking again, first in Pacific North West where we live, then towards East and found Glenda Butts in Montana.  It just happened that one of her girl Precious had a litter of 3 Toy Aussies only few days old and we immediately purchased one of the puppies and called her Tessy. Same color, gender and name as our old friend. The royalties do that, don’t they?

Glenda kept us in the loop about Tessy’s development via e-mail and with pictures. We were extremely impressed about her ethics, the pups received the best of everything, food, human love and interaction. Never mind the beautiful location to run on. After we drove all the way from Vancouver, B.C., Canadato Polson, MT, we picked up a healthy, well socialized and happy 8 weeks old girl that has become a jewel in the family and the whole neighborhood.  She makes everybody smile.

Tessy became so attached to us that we almost cancelled our pre-planned holidays in Europe 7 months later. Glenda came to our rescue and offered Tessy sitting for 2 months. That was our second long trip to Montana to drop her off and pick her up.

Well, we feel that all the driving was worth it, we were blessed with Tessy and gained a long time friend Glenda.

Jana & Stan & Tessy


I wanted you to know – you done good. September 2016


Mini Aussie puppies for sale at We'll C Mini Aussies.  Another happy ending!

Well, Halle has become the BEST dog I’ve ever owned. She’s so stinkin’ smart, ready to go do anything, any time. She’s very much like Maya in that she’s very curious and busy and ready. She’s very good with the cats, the cows (she wants to help me herd in the worst way and does a fair job!) and she goes with me on all my trail rides with the horses and sticks with us through several hours riding. We hike, and jog, and kayak. I should have named her Joy – she’s always so full of that she makes me happy and makes me laugh every day. Thank you so much for her…really





Lily is such a joy!   August 2016      (Report on 3 pups from the same litter.)


Mini Aussie puppies for sale at We'll C Mini Aussies.  Another happy camper.Hey Glenda,

    I'm just writing you a little note about our dear Lily from Pia's litter on March 11. Lily is such a joy! She is enthusiastic and energetic. It seems like we have finally (hopefully) gotten the house training down. She is a smart pup, you can tell that from the way she acts. Lily currently weighs 20 lbs as of today (at nearly 21 weeks old). Yesterday I brought her to the Whitefish Farmer's Market (where I actually ran into McGee from the same litter!) and everyone adored her and commented how beautiful she is. I gave your name out to a couple of people who asked. She was very friendly with kids as well as adults. I am so proud of my little girl and eagerly show pictures of her to anyone who will look.

    Lily is warm and friendly. I love how she wiggles her fuzzy butt when she runs up to greet us. She is a snuggle bug as well which is exactly what we are looking for! She loves to run and play with our older dog and her toys which are spread all across the main floor of our house! She also loves to chase a Frisbee (we are working on having her bring it back!). We are very much looking forward to taking her on a family vacation with us to the beach! I just wanted to give you an update as life has just been charging ahead full speed! We have had Lily for nearly 100 days (91 days today I think I saw on my day counter app) and we all love her dearly. Thank you for such a delightful little pup! Please see the attached pictures (which hardly do her justice!).

I've attached some pictures of Lily and Cholla (Aka Tony) playing back in June. I also attached a picture I took of McGee at the farmers market. McGee (per your website) went home with Marty and John. I probably talked with them for about 5 minutes. It was not a super long time. As for Cholla - he has been doing well. Marc is excited that he is growing a bit more. It sounds like they have been on multiple hikes and outings with Cholla and are very pleased! I also got the impression McGee's family were also very pleased with him. He was about the same size as Cholla, maybe even a little smaller. 

I realize that the pointy ears are not breed standard, but that is something that we really love about Lily. It really adds to her appeal I think. I also think that she resembles Cinder. She is such a beautiful girl! I love the way her hair is beginning to wave/curl on her back too. I am hoping that her coat stays more like her mom's. McGee's parents also mentioned how she was looking more like her Mom. 

You surely can put my email on your website. I think Lily is a fantastic example of the pups that have come from you!

Always, Lori


August 2015


Another Mini Aussie success story for We'll C Mini Aussies.


Hi Glenda,

I just wanted to send you a quick update on Boo Radley. He is from Precious and Jessie's litter on October 3rd.  He is the best dog I've ever had and brings me joy every day. Thank you for doing what you do! Thanks to you we have an awesome hiking and running companion and friend.




She is perfect!  May 2014


Mini Aussie puppies for sale.  Another happy partnership provided by We'll C Mini Aussies.

Glenda! As requested I am here to happily share information with you about my little Dixie girl! She's doing spectacularly! She is so smart, and was darn near potty trained when I got her home (what kinda of magic did you do to her??? lol) She knew right off the bat that she had to potty on grass only, slept soundly the whole trip home, only woke up when we made pit stops for her to go potty! There are still a few accidents every once in a while, but those are few! She is amazing!

Now she is learning fast and growing even faster! She knows to sit and lay down, and we are working on stay, come, shake, and rollover. She loves to play and chase anything she can! We have cats here and her and one named Paydro like to wear each other out all day long! I've gotten her around some baby goats recently and my oh my how she loved to herd them around! It was so great to watch her do what she was meant to do, you can just see how much she loves it! Hoping to bring her back to them when there are even more baby goats around for her to chase! She also loves giving kisses and posing for the camera. I've included lots of pictures for you (: Thank you again for giving me the most adorable, fun, loveable little girl. She is perfect!



I’m glad we found you and her!


Mini Aussie puppies for sale at We'll C Mini Aussies.  Another happy family.



Just wanted to update you on Bailey. She is doing great. We are all crazy about her and she’s getting a lot of love and attention. She has connected with all 3 of us and is so sweet and doing great with potty training and responding to us really well. She is already playing fetch and has become comfortable being on a leash and staying to the left. She had her well check and deworming and shots yesterday. Just wanted to update you. Thanks so much. I’m glad we found you and her! Take care-Kristin




She is all we ever could have asked for.  July 2014


Mini Aussie puppies for sale.  This is one of We'll C Mini Aussies' 2011 puppies.



Hello Glenda,
We purchased Izzie from you in October of 2011 and I wanted to let you know she is all we ever could have asked for.  Intelligent, respectful, and a great addition to our family!  Our vet always praises her build and agility!