PUPPY CARE ~ Crate Training Your Mini Aussie Puppy


We strongly recommend you crate train your puppy.  We like collapsible metal crates as they do not hinder any view of what's happening around the puppy.   Unless you have a Toy Aussie, we suggest you get a 36 inch crate or larger if you have the room.  The small crates will be out grown so why purchase two.

We hang 1 qt. metal pails for food and water and do all our feeding in the crate.  When the pup gets older hanging a 2 quart pail for water is better.

Leaving the door open during the day will allow for easy coming and going.  Your puppy will learn right away the crate is their personal space and can go there anytime the want to relax and have a snack.  In the beginning, we offer a treat every time we lock the crate door.  Eventually we only offer the treat at bedtime.

A soft bed and a couple of toys and your Mini Aussie has the coolest puppy pad on the block!


We like crate training for several reasons.  If you take your Mini Aussie puppy to a motel it's a lot easier if they are in a familiar space with their regular toys, food, water and bed.  Also, if your Mini Aussie should have to spend the night at the vet, the smaller confined space is not a "new thing"  and hopefully they are more comfortable and under less stress due to the confinement.  Plus, sometimes it's just nice to know that your Mini Aussie puppy is comfortable in his or her bedroom and not causing havic around the house.  House guests might not be "dog people" and a dog running loose through the house might not be the best situation for the evening.  REMEMBER, it's not necessary to keep your Mini Aussie in his crate all the time but it's certainly a nice thing if you can have a happy quiet dog if you need use of the crate.



Mini Aussie puppies for Sale.  We'll C Mini Aussies prefers these wire crates for our household Mini Aussies.


Many of you ask what crates we prefer.  Everyone has a different idea but this is what we use.  Because these crates are collapsible, they are easy to take when traveling and will supply familiarity and comfort to your puppy in new situations.  Since these crates are open, we believe the puppy still feels like he or she is part of the action and not isolated. 

We like using these stainless food and water pails because they simply hang on the crate wire and are less likely to be spilled.


Your Mini Aussie puppy should quickly learn not to "potty" in his room. Carrying the small puppy from the crate and placing him outside, while repeating something like, "let's go potty" will soon give him the idea of what you are wanting and where he should go to do it.   However, allowing the small puppy to walk out of the crate and calling him to the door allows the youngster time to get side tracked and potty on the way to the door. They are like little kids and can't always wait.   Remember, always praise your puppy for doing his business outside.  They are very smart and want to please.  They should pick up on things quickly.  Remember, like children, some Mini Aussie puppies train easier than others.