PUPPY CARE ~ The Trip Home



Turn possible nasty and devastating problems into small inconveniences.




Be careful not to allow your Mini Aussie puppy wonder areas where other dogs frequent.  Your puppy is not protected from Parvo or Distemper until after the 4th shot in the series at 16 weeks of age so be mindful of where you put the puppy on the ground to potty.  Distemper and Parvo can be transmitted on your Mini Aussie's feet or your shoes.  Also, stay away from the dog park.  There's plenty of time for that later when it is safe.  Keep your Mini Aussie puppy away from dogs that you do not know for a fact have been vaccinated.




Not all commutes are created equally.  Some, but not all, puppies will get car sick when first introduced to the motion of the car. Sorry, there is no way to determine in advance which ones will be unlucky.  Consider, it is stressful for your Mini Aussie puppy to leave the home, other dogs, and people they are familiar with in addition to the actual motion of the car!  Being shoved into a small crate can add even more stress.  All combined, it's a perfect recipe for a big mess.




Well, it's finally time to take your new Mini Aussie puppy home.  Have you gotten the house and "nursery" ready in advance? 

1)  You ordered at least one bag of food from Life's Abundance to get the puppy settled in.

2)  You have an open crate for the puppy's personal space to sleep, eat and drink, play with toys, and just chill.

3)  You have an appointment with your vet for the well puppy checkup.

4)  You have ordered training treats from Life's Abundance.

5)  You have proper toys for the puppy to chew on.

6)  You have your Life's Abundance shampoo and Bath Fresh Mist for the between bath periods.

7)  You have removed things within reach that might be toxic to your Mini Aussie puppy. 

8)  You have rerouted electrical cords and removed anything that might prove to be a chewing hazard.

9)  You looked around the house for hazards at the puppy's level.  Remember, it's like bringing home a new baby.  Everyone gets on the floor to see what is at the baby's level to get into.  Do the same thing for your four legged baby.




We recommend you plan ahead.  You may not be able to eliminate this unfortunate situation but, by bringing a few things along with you, you can greatly reduce the inconvenience of it.  Below is a list of things that will help you on the trip home if your Mini Aussie puppy is one of the unlucky ones.  Consider the list below as items to be found in a Mini Aussie "diaper bag."

1)  Bring a small collar and leash just in case you have to take your Mini Aussie puppy out of the safety of the car to potty or clean the little darling up.  It's possible your puppy could try to run away.

2)  Bring a gallon of water from home to rinse the puppy off if your Mini Aussie puppy should get car sick.

3)  Bring some paper towels to start the main clean up.

4)  Bring some towels to dry your puppy off after the rinsing with the water and to do a final clean up of your vehicle.

5)  Bring some plastic bags for the paper towel trash and putting dirty towels in.  They will not only contain the mess but also any odor that might be unpleasant.

6)  Bring a small travel crate with towels in the bottom just in case.  While we believe holding your Mini Aussie puppy in the car and trying to reduce stress with ear rubbings, etc. as the first method to try for travel, sometimes it becomes quite obvious the only solution is to place the sick puppy into a travel crate to contain any mess.

7)  Bring a dish for giving your Mini Aussie puppy a drink if you have a long trip ahead of you.  Personally we won't offer a sick puppy water unless it is a long drive.  The more in the more out of course but you don't want to the little kid to get dehydrated either.