We'll C Mini Aussies has, on occasion, older Mini Aussie puppies and retired breeding adults for adoption.


We'll C Mini Aussies tries to place every Mini Aussie puppy we sell in it's "FOREVER HOME".  Unfortunately unforeseen circumstances can arise in anyone's life.  These might be a long distance move for work or serious illness, which may require an owner to give up their Miniature Australian Shepherd.


We want the best for all of our Mini Aussie puppies.  It is one of our goals to keep every one of our puppies out of county shelters, Mini Aussie rescue centers, becoming homeless, or worse.   As a responsible breeder, we find this commitment equal in importance as our commitment to our buyers of providing happy, healthy and sound Mini Aussies puppies.

For those owners who purchase a Miniature Australian Shepherd puppy from us, we offer a free adoption listing service on our website to help you find a quality replacement home.  We will publish your Mini Aussies' photo and a short bio on our "Available Aussies" page and help ensure your Mini Aussie is going to a good home.






What we will do


~  We will publish your Mini Aussies' photo and a short bio on our "Adoption Page" free of charge.

~  We will talk with families who respond in an attempt to help find a suitable replacement home.

~  We will provide you with the contact information of any suitable candidates so that you can make the final decision of where your Miniature Australian Shepherd goes.

~  We will mail all provided records supplied to the Adoption Family once you have verified that the Mini Aussie has either been picked up or shipped.



What We Will Not Do


~  We will not be responsible for collecting any money.

~  We will not be involved in shipping.

~  We will not offer any guarantee on an adopted Mini Aussie.

~  We will not accept any responsibility for any misrepresented information from any listing or adopting family.



Please Understand


Please understand that this is a free service offered to help our Mini Aussies find new homes.  We do not offer this service to Australian Shepherds that do not originate from out kennel.  We cannot take responsibility for anything other than posting photos & bios, sending paperwork surrendered by the current owner, and passing along contact information.  Please use this service with respect and consideration.

If you need to rehome one of our Mini Aussie puppies, please contact us.




Mini Aussie Puppies for sale.  We'll C Mini Aussies offers Life's Abundance dog food and care products for your Mini Aussie puppy.


  We'll C Mini Aussies offers Life's Abundance dog food, nutritional treats, hygiene products and grooming products for your new Mini Aussie puppy.





Mini Aussie puppies for sale.  Secure your Mini Aussie puppy from We'll C Mini Aussies with PayPal.


Using PayPal for your down payment ensures you get the puppy of your choice.  The balance is due when you pick up your Mini Aussie puppy either by cash or check.