Life's Abundance Dog Food


PLEASE NOTE:  We do not stock any Life's Abundance products for pick up at the kennel.  You must order it directly from Life's Abundance by using our links.  If you do not use our links we will not receive notice from Life's Abundance that you have made a purchase. 


Life's Abundance is a high quality all natural food made with select ingredients, including high-quality chicken and catfish meals, whole grains, nutritious vegetables and fruits, omega fatty acids and much more. It contains no corn or wheat products and no artificial flavors or colors.  Unlike other companies, Life's Abundance is made and shipped fresh directly to the customer's front door.  It does not sit in a wear house for months. 



The cost of Life’s Abundance Dog Food is comparable to other premium quality brands at $1.50/pound.  For an adult Mini Aussie weighting about 25 pounds a 20# bag of food will last about 2 to 2 ½ months!  That is less than many of you would spend on coffee every morning and it is the best quality nutrition you can give your Mini Aussie.



Life's Abundance promises to deliver high-quality products, in good condition, to your door. If, for any reason, your purchase is not satisfactory, they will gladly replace it or refund your money (excluding delivery charges).  Read more about shipping

Made in USA




We'll C MIni Aussies offers the Life's Abundance All Stage System to our Mini Aussie buyes.



All Life Stage Dog Food and chewable Wellness Food Supplement supplies additional nutrients for optimal health.

Every dog has unique nutritional needs which can be affected by life stage (puppy, adult or senior), differences in personality (high-strung or laid-back), living conditions (sole “child” or one of many in the household), environmental factors and activity level. Our Nutritional System unites All Life Stage Dog Food with Wellness Food Supplements in a single purpose – to provide your dog with excellent nutrition, every single day.

Not only can you help meet your dog’s unique dietary requirements, you can take advantage of the savings offered by purchasing our Nutritional System, too. ...

Give your dog the full-spectrum nutrition offered by the superior combination of our premium food and nourishing supplement … it’s everything canines need to thrive!    For dogs of all ages including puppies.         Read more now....Nutritional Information / Ingredients / Feeding Chart / Reviews





Mini Aussie puppies.  We'll C Mini Aussies offers Life's Abundance Adult Weight Loss Dog Food.LIFE'S ABUNDANCE ADULT WEGHT LOSS FOOD


Helps your dog regain vitality and feel satisfied while loosing weight.  Keeps their coat healthy and shiny.

There’s a big difference between feeling full and being nourished. Competing foods can leave your dog longing for something more, which compels them to overeat. Help your dog regain vitality with Adult Weight Loss formula, a premium food made to fuel active bodies and hardy spirits.  For adult dogs only.      Read more now....Nutritional information / Ingredients / Feeding Chart / Reviews