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Saunder's Precious Little Baby



PreciousToy Australian Shepherd, Precious, is a blue Merle female.  Contact us at

Precious comes to us from Kandy Kisses Miniature Australian Shepherds in Texas.  She is sired by Saunders' Cherokee out of Saunders' Starr. 

Precious is NSDR (National Stock Dog Registry) and ASDR (American Stock Dog Registry) registered.  She is out of Mini Aussie stock but she stayed small and is a Toy Australian Shepherd.  She stands 12 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs 14 pounds. 

Precious was born in February 2009.  She is a blue Merle with brown eyes. 

For being such a little thing, she has a very strong spirit and is quite athletic.  She can jump 4-5' straight up from a standing position.  Precious is quite amazing and she is convinced she is "a big dog". 




Hips Good  ~  OFA Number -- MAS-899G26F-VPI
Elbows   ~  OFA Number --  MAS-EL308F24-VPI
Patella   ~  OFA Number --MAS-PA179/26F/P-VPI

Eyes Normal  ~ OFA Number -- MAS-EYE18/49F-VPI

Mutant/Normal ~ This means that Precious "May" pass this on to her offspring.  View our MDR1 page. 



Toy Australian Shepherd, Precious, is a 12" blue Merle registered Mini Aussie.  Her puppies are small. Contact us at