Care for your Mini Aussie Puppy







Mini Aussie puppies available at We'll C Mini Aussies.




Mini Aussie puppies for sale.  We'll C Mini Aussies recommends using Life's Abundance for at least the first year.


We recommend  the Life's Abundance Daily Nutritional System.  Life’s Abundance premium health food is designed for all life stages from puppy to adult.  Because Life's Abundance is a highly concentrated formula, your new Mini Aussie puppy will require less food while gaining maximum absorption of the nutrients provided.  For those of you who have owned a puppy in the past, be prepared to feed your puppy less food than you are used to feeding. Thus, you will have less waste clean-up and smell.   read more about nutrition.....

If you keep your Mini Aussie puppy on the Life's Abundance Daily Nutritional System for Dogs we will extend our health guarantee.   

read more about our extended guarantee.......


CAUTION ~ If you choose to change your puppy's diet to a different food, PLEASE do it slowly.  Give the puppy a few days to acclimate to the new environment before doing anything.  Slowly start mixing small amounts of the food of your choice into the Life's Abundance premium health food.  Changing the diet too quickly will produce a system upset and will result in watery stool.....not a lot of fun for you or the puppy!




Just like with our children, treats for good behavior or training are a part of life.  Just make sure that you are providing a healthy option and not just empty calories when you give treats and please...don't over do it.  Too many treats can lead to unwanted weight gain.           read more about Life's Abundance treats.....



A word of warning about dogs and food.  Few dogs will stop eating when they should.  Most dogs, of any breed, will eat everything that is put in front of them.  Recently we have met a few dogs that were morbidly obese to the point they were most likely on the verge of developing diabetes according to one of our vet techs.  Owners have the power to prevent many pet diseases.  Talk to your vet and look at their chart to see what your Mini Aussie should look like.  If your Mini Aussie is getting fat cut back on the food and increase their exercise.  We too have been working to fix this problem with a select few of our Miniature Australian Shepherd adults.  We all do it.  The don't need that extra food or too many of those treats!  Life's Abundance does offer a lower calorie dog food available for overweight dogs and senior dogs that you can order through our wesite.   read more about Life's Abundance weight loss dog food



Just like with our own bodies, proper nutrition and good medical care can make a big difference in extending the life of your Mini Aussie.  Don't wait until there is a problem and wish you had done something to prevent it.  Proper care should begin now while your puppy is young.

Proper nutrition, a regular worming schedule, vaccinations against preventable diseases and regular veterinary check ups all starting now will give you the best results for providing a long happy life for your new friend.            read more about medical care.....



We strongly recommend you crate train your new Mini Aussie puppy.  We use collapsible metal crates as they do not hinder any view of what's happening around the puppy.   We hang 1 quart metal pails for food and water and do all our feeding in the crate.

Crate training has several advantages among which is giving your puppy his own space to retreat when tired, hungry or stressed.  Some people feel it's like putting their dog in jail but we look at it like giving a child his own bedroom.

Other advantages will become apparent when traveling with your Mini Aussie as well as when overnight stays at the vet's are required.      read more about training........



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