We have several stud dogs to choose from of various sizes.  When considering a choice please remember that Merle to Merle breeding is a taboo and we will not allow you to choose a Merle stud if you have a Merle female.



Our stud fee is $750.  Payment in full is due when your drop your girl.  On rare occasion we may request pick of the litter in leiu of the stud fee.  There are different requirements in this case but we don't use this option often so we will not include that information here.



We require females get DHPPC vaccinations...(Distemper,Hepatitis, Parvo, Parainfluenza, and Corona Virus).  Also required is a vaccination for Bordetella...(Kennel Cough), and a Brucellous test.  Brucellosis is a sexually transmitted disease that causes reproduction problems causing females to abort their litters.  Proof of these vaccinations is required.



We have a contract for you to sign.  You will receive a copy before you leave. 



We offer a guarantee of live birth.  Our guarantee varries depending on the state of the female, meaning if she is a first time breeder or has previously had puppies.  First time breeders tend to have smaller litters to begin with.  They also tend to loose more puppies.  If your girl is a first time breeder, we will guarantee one live puppy at birth and one live puppy reaching seven days of age.  For more experienced girls, three live puppies at brith and one live puppy reaching seven days of age shall be considered a litter and would fulfill this agreement.



 * BEFORE THE HEAT CYCLE ~ We would like to talk with you well in advance of your your girl coming into heat, especially with first time girls.  We think it is a good idea to bring your girl to visit in advance to give her a chance to meet the stud and get to know him.  You have to consider things from her perspective.  She will be spending a few days in a new place with all kinds of new smells plus you will not be with her to give her comfort.  Plus, there is an unfamiliar dog hanging around with great interest.  This can cause her to be shy and unwilling to breed.  By the time she gets comfortable and ready my boys might not be interested.  If she is familiar with the surroundings and the stud in advance things will be a lot more comfortable for her and she will be more receptive.

 * AT THE START OF THE HEAT CYCLE ~ Let us know when your girl is starting to show signs of coming into heat so we can make arrangements.

 * WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT ~ We don't pay attention to what day our girls are on with their cycles.  We let the dogs decide what are "the best days" for themselves.  In the case of an outside girl coming in, we suggest you take her to your vet to find out where she is in her heat cycle.  When the time is right contact us again ad bring her to the kennel.


ACCOMMODATIONS ~ We suggest that your bring some of your girl's food for us to feed.  She may not like our food and the sudden change could upset her stomach and bowels.  We will have the pair, weather permitting, spend their days in a small play yard.  This pen is inside a fenced yard so they are double fenced.  This helps if your dog has a tendency to take off and to keep other dogs away.  At night they will be placed in separate kennels.  This gives your girl a chance to chill out and rest.  She can eat and sleep in peace without constantly being pestered by the stud.  If we cannot catch your girl in the play yard, weather permitting, we will leave her and the stud in the pen overnight as we don't want her to be scared and alone.  They will be fed in the play yard.  If the weather doesn't permit this, we most likely will be giving you a call.



You are to contact We'll C Mini Aussies within 72 hours of the birth and provide information on the litter.  We like to know the total number of puppies and the number of females vs males. 



Our dogs are registered with one or more of the following dog registries, ASDR, NSDR and MASCA.  Please check with us for additional information on which of our boys have multiple registries.  Most of our dogs are registered with ASDR.  Your puppies will be granted full registration.  When you are ready to register your puppies we will be happy to provide any assistance needed. 



Mini Aussie puppies for sale at We'll C Mini Aussies.




If your girl does not get bred, we will have you bring her back at her next heat cycle  or within one year from the date of the first breeding attempt to try again at no additional charge. This second breeding is non transferable.  If your girl doesn't get bred on the second attempt, you will need to take her to your vet for a fertility check.  We have not run into this but we want to cover all the bases so you have have all the tools to make your decision about using our studs.