PAYPAL directions

We'll C Mini Aussies offers an easy way for you to make your initial down payment to quickly secure the puppy you are interested in.  Checks are also an option but there is not guarantee that someone won't use PayPal and purchase the puppy you would like before we receive your check.


You will find the PayPal logo on the bottom of each puppy page.  Click on the link there or click on the yellow PayPal link on the bottom of this page.  You will be taken to a form.  Below is a copy of the form you will see.  Make changes at every red arrow.

1)  If you are puchasing a puppy on the ground and you have the specific information like ID #, color, etc.  Simply make the appropriate choices on the drop down menu for each line. 


2)  If you are purchasing an unborn puppy then simply pick any information from the drop down menu for each line as we don't know the accurate information yet.  It is mandatory that you contact us in this case so we can make sure we are on the same page with your puppy interest.


PLEASE NOTE:  If you see an error telling you to contact us to fix the problem you have most likely missed making a choice on the top line of the form.  Make sure you change the information at every red arrow shown below.

Mini Aussie puppies for sale at We'll C Mini Aussies.  View an example of our PayPal payment form.



Use PayPal to secure your Mini Aussie puppy from We'll C Mini Aussies.