Due to a degenerating back and the need to cut back or stop our breeding program we will be placing several of our dogs up for adoption.  This makes me very sad but a necessary evil.  We will be getting these kids fixed and completely through their recovery before they are allowed to leave.  Watch as more of my beloved kids will be added.


We'll C Mini Aussies will be rehoming Pia in 2019.


Pia will be coming up for adoption sometime in 2019. She is 7 and we will be getting her spayed sometime after Thanksgiving 2018 in preperation.

Pia will take a special home because she is so smart.  She can figure out how to open gates.  She's an expert at kennel latches and watches everytime to be sure we are adding the clip to the gate to keep her in.




Dandy will be coming up for adoption end of December 2018 or January 2019 after he has been neutered. 

Dandy was born May 21, 2018.  He is part of the group of babies we were keeping for future breeders.  Due to a declining back I will be slowing backing out of breeding so Dandy will be up for adoption.  This photo was taken in September.  He was still in his gangly stage.  LOL  Dandy is going to be a smaller Mini.


We'll C Mini Aussies will be rehoming Onyx in 2019.


Onyx will be coming up for adoption in 2019 after we get her spayed.  

Onyx was born in Sept. of 2018.  She is a smaller double blue eyed black tri Mini.  She is a shy girl and will need some time to come out of her shell for a new owner.

Onyx will is not good with children so only a home without kids or grandchildren will be acceptable.



Sadly more to come.............

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