We have outgrown our space and I'm physically in need of slowing down.  Therefore, we are putting up for adoption some of our older pups.  Our adoption dogs are sold as pets on a spay neuter contract.  If you want to purchase one of these boys for breeding please contact us.  If you are interested in any one of these three boys please email or give us a call.



Mini Aussie' up for adoption at We'll C Mini Aussies.  Meet Dandy.



Meet Dandy.  He was born in Spring of 2018.  He is a black tri with one blue eye.  Dandy is approx. 16" tall. Hi is a bit shy and will need a home to build his confidence.  Moving into a no dog home or a home with only one other dog will hlep this .  Some dogs just don't do well in the large group enviornment.

Dandy is son to Onyx and Stormy.  







Mini Assies up for adoption at We'll C Mini Aussies.  Meet Cherokee.



Meet Cherokee.  He was born in Spring of 2018.  He is a red Merle with one blue eye.  Cherokee is approx. 17".

Cherokee was independent as a little pup but is liking attention more and more.  Becoming an only child will help him blossem into a fantastic dog.  Cherokee is son to Onyx and Stormy.  





We'll C Mini Aussies has this A+ year old black tri male pup up for adoption March 31, 2019.



Meet Shadow.  He is a year old grandson of our best girl, Shawnie.  This and his personality gives this guy an A+ rating.  His mother is Robin and his dad is Jack.  Shadow was born in Spring of 2018.

This boy may not have the flashy white but his personality


and the loyalty you will experience makes up for that.  This is a very loving dog.  Shadow is around 17" tall.





Mini Aussie Puppies for sale.  We'll C Mini Aussies offers Life's Abundance dog food and care products for your Mini Aussie puppy.


  We'll C Mini Aussies offers Life's Abundance dog food, nutritional treats, hygiene products and grooming products for your new Mini Aussie puppy.





Mini Aussie puppies for sale.  Secure your Mini Aussie puppy from We'll C Mini Aussies with PayPal.


Using PayPal for your down payment ensures you get the puppy of your choice.  The balance is due when you pick up your Mini Aussie puppy either by cash or check.