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How to adopt a Miniature Australian Shepherd


~ If you see a dog you would like to adopt on our "Available Aussies" page, contact us.  We will be happy discuss the adoption of a Mini Aussie  with you.

~  Once we get a feel for you being a good match with a particular Mini Aussie, we will contact the"Listing Family" and supply them with your contact information.

~  The final decision of placement or not placing a Mini Aussie lies strictly with the Listing Family.

~  Any adoption fee and shipping costs is determined and controlled by the Listing Family.

~  All arrangements for adoption of a Miniature Australian Shepherd are between you, the Adopting Family, and the Listing Family.

~  We will have possession of the registration paperwork, micro chipping paperwork, medical records, etc. We will mail them to the Adopting Family once you have possession of the Mini Aussie.



Please Understand

Please understand that this is a free service offered to help our Mini Aussies find new homes.  We do not offer this service to Australian Shepherds that do not originate from out kennel.  We cannot take responsibility for anything other than posting photos & bios, sending paperwork surrendered by the current owner, and passing along contact information.  Please use this service with respect and consideration.


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